Day 2: Missoula, MT to Creston, BC

345.9 miles today! Another spectacular day on the bikes! The ride around Flathead Lake is an experience that can only be truly enjoyed while riding. The fresh air, the smell of the water, the birds in the sky all come together in a magical landscape of beauty and poetry that is unmatched and undiscovered by those that are enclosed in a vehicle. Continuing north into Kalispell we stop for the usuals…fuel, bathroom, snacks, a little light dancing in the parking lot of the local gas station. You know, because we are on vacation bitches!!!

Back on the road towards Eureka, MT (pronounced EEEUUURRRREEEEKKKAAA), the highway begins to take on the feel of a place thats much bigger than our home town of Idaho Falls. The trees are tall, the mountains are magnificent and gigantic. The road snakes its way through the  mountains like black asphalt python lazily dragging its way through life. Smooth surface, fresh air, big blue skies above. Glorious!



We met up in Eureka with the Canadians, who made the trip from Saskatoon, to ride with us for a few days. We broke bread at the Porch Grill House and Trading Company. Highly recommend the Huckleberry burger and the Bubba burger. An actual scoop of huckleberry ice cream on top of a burger with bacon!! What!?!?! Delicious.

Heading north from Eureka to highway 37 which will take us south again. We find a bridge to cross the reservoir to NF-228 road. That road takes us south to Libby Dam. Lots of tar snakes on the first half of this road. Great views, lots of curves, but lots of hot, gooey, black tar snakes slows the ride down a bit. This road leads us back to highway 37 which get us to highway 2 outside of Libby. Heading back towards Idaho now and eventually into Canada.

Reaching the US/Canada border it comes time to pull out the passport and answer some questions to get into the great white north. After some intense questioning and sweating, we got in. Whew!

We stayed at a great place called Creston Hotel. It has Jimmy’s Pub and a liquor store in it. Check out our #blogoffbitches instragram for a peek at a new dance move that will be sweeping the country soon!

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 10.57.54 PM


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