Day 3: Creston, BC to Vernon, BC

261.7 miles today. Less miles but a bit of a longer day. We got a late start this morning because we were up to late last night creating new dance moves. we actually got 86’d from the parking lot of the hotel…basically we got kicked IN to the hotel. Been kicked out before, but this was a first for the kicked in. Check out the new dance moves on Instagram #blogoffbitches. Adulting is hard sometimes.

So, the road from Creston to Kootenay Bay is 81 Km long with 177 turns!!! Now, I’m not good with numbers or math, but as someone who loves to ride motorcycles that totally adds up to a great start to a day of riding. We hit the gas station first thing to fuel and get the necessities for a day of riding – camel back filled with ice and water and a snack of some type for the occasional stops along the way. The clerk asks if we are headed north to Kootenay Bay, I answer yes with a bit of glee in my voice. She shows her scar from her crash from a year ago. A solemn reminder of the dangers of riding bikes. I’m a firm believer in the fact that riding is not inherently dangerous but it provides absolutely no leeway for arrogance or stupidity. I’ve been both at times, sometimes at the same time. So the day starts with a bit of personal reflection and introspection into how I’m going to handle the day ahead. Stay focused and vigilant, present in the moment, ride at my comfort level and don’t push the ride any faster than I want.

It did not disappoint. One fantastic turn after another. Beautiful views, smooth roads, and great company made this trip to the ferry simply the best way to begin a day.

We get to the ferry dock in Balfour at the right time, which happens to be the longest free ferry in the world. We load up and off we go. 35 minutes later we are on the other side.

Now it is time to continue north to Kaslo on highway 31 for another fantastic road full of twists and turns that rival any road in the USA. Two for two on road choices for the day. Long sweeping turns through majestic mountain landscapes on one side while on the other the steep drop down to Kootenay Bay makes this an absolutely wonderful scenic trip.

Next, we hit Kaslo in time to take 31A to New Denver. Apparently, this is the road to take if you’re in BC and are on a motorcycle. While it was phenomenal in its views and turns and smooth 46 Km of asphalt along the river and mountain lakes, its only 3 best for the day so far. Now, I’m not saying don’t take the time to ride it, by all means if you can – do it!!! But also take the other two stretches of road from above and compare yourself. All 3 are spectacular in their own right.

From New Denver to Facquier was also a great ride. So many trees! Weather was great! We hopped on another short ferry to cross the Upper Arrow Lake and continue on highway 6. We made it to Vernon, where we called it for the day. We found a really cheap motel (really sketchy), but we were somewhat ok with it because we were hot and tired and hungry and it was late. Check out the outdoor pool on Instagram #blogoffbitches!

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 11.16.38 PM

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