Day 7: Victoria, B.C to Westport, WA

203 miles today.

Last night we airbnb’d in condo on Yates street in downtown Victoria. The location was great! The condo was very nice, but we couldn’t figure out how to turn the AC on and we almost got trapped in a stairwell  on the way to the parking level. Sometimes, I lose my shit in confined spaces. We had to leave the access fob on the table in the condo, but you can only go the the main floor without a fob, so we took the stairs to the underground parking (another tenant that was walking by let us in the stairwell). A few minutes later that tenant came back because she realized we also needed a fob at the bottom of the stairs too. I was so thankful for her! If she hadn’t comeback, we would have been stuck there for who knows how long! What a mess. I will still use airbnb though, a lot of times we can find great places for less money! This certainly wasn’t a terrible (and definitely wasn’t sketchy AF like the Vernon motel), but a little frustrating!

We started our day at the Black Ball Ferry in Victoria. We reserved spots on the 1030 ferry to Port Angeles, WA for $80 American for two people and motorcycles. We had to be there by 9 am to go through customs. Kind of a long morning waiting… similar to an airport experience but outside on pavement in the sun. The ferry ride was about 2 hours. We ate a hot dog on the ferry so we could ride as soon as we hit land. We also saw another whale playing around! It was so cool! The ferry rides themselves are quite the experience. Lots of folks and vehicles getting transported around on the water. Good times.

We said a sad goodbye to our Canadian friends when we hit land. They headed east, then north back home. We headed southwest to make our way home.

We rode to Westport, Washington by way of highway 101. We crammed a good 200 miles into a few hours since we didn’t really get started until around 1pm. It was another amazing afternoon of two-lane curvy rides lined with trees and opening to the ocean.

We stopped at Ruby Beach for some pics and I ate shit in the gravel. It was some thick gravel and I must have come in too fast and locked up, all I know is I skidded for a few feet then it felt like I slid into home plate with a motorcycle between my legs. I jumped up, reached down and turned my bike off, and checked my shorts. All is well. We lifted up my bike, dusted it off, adjusted my gear shift, and went on about our business. Thankful, it was just a minor oops! Although the fat pad on my left hand is sore, I must of landed on a rock.

We were hoping to make it to Astoria, OR today, which is about another 80 miles, but we stopped in Westport, WA because both of us were feeling a bit rummy. Started spacing off a bit while riding the last hour…. which is never good.

We are staying at the Westport Chateau. It was the second hotel we booked for the night. In Aberdeen, which is about 20 miles northeast, we booked a room at The Islander Westport. We drove by it a couple of times while trying to find it… because it looked like an abandoned building. So, we ate half that room (50% refund policy), and booked another at the Chateau. We already stayed one night on top of the covers in a room and didn’t want to do that again. We have the windows opened and will be able to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean… and the sheets are clean, and there is free breakfast in the morning!

We got a recommendation for dinner and ate delicious fresh seafood, halibut and chips, clam strips, crab melt, and clam chowder at Bennetts Fish Shack. Pretty dang good! Tomorrow it is off to Portland for Tri-tips with good friends and lots of laughs. Life is good people. Get out and enjoy it every once in a while would ya? :).


Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 8.27.20 PM.png

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