Day 8: West port to Portland

178 miles today. The morning on the coast started out overcast and a bit chilly. There was a bit of a mist in the air that caused some issue with face shields on the helmets. But we continued on and fought through the cold. Of course my heated grips and seat came in handy!! 🙂 I noticed in the mirror that Emilee was warming her hands on her engine so I decided to pull over and let her warm up a bit. I pulled off on a fairly steep shoulder and used the center stand on the bike. After letting her use the grips for a bit it was time to continue on to Astoria for a snack. As I dropped the bike off the center stand, the weight all went to the right. It was all I could do to step out of the way and watch the bike drop straight to the ground! The engine guards did their job and saved the bike from any damage, other than to my ego.

Back on the road to Astoria after standing the bike up. No other issues on the way. Still a bit chilly however. Hit Astoria after crossing the Astoria/Meggler bridge. Pretty cool trip just to hit that bridge to go from Washington to Oregon. Pull into town and hit the gas station go fill up. Decide on a place for lunch and decided on the silver salmon grille. Got to be the best bowl of clam chowder on the coast! simply amazing with the garlic cheese bread. A second order of the bread with smoked salmon on it as well. Simply amazing. If you’re ever in Astoria you need to hit this place. Its fantastic.

Heading out from Astoria its highway 30 east. You begin to notice the heat as you venture farther inland.  The clouds clear up and the elevation rises. Its almost as if someone turned on the heat! Headed over to Portland we bump into our first very aggressive driver. As we crest a hill with a passing lane, as the lanes merge a white Toyota decides that they have enough room and horsepower to make it around the two of us. So as we pull over close to the shoulder to let them by after the lane has already merged, I flew the  correct salute that is required in this situation. 🖕🏼

After heading down the hill close to Portland, we stop at a gas station to shed some clothing and hydrate. There are no more chilly temps in this area. The humidity is heavy and the heat is sweltering. Its a short shot to our landing spot for the night but its in heavy traffic and heavy jackets. We weave our way through Portland traffic to B and S ranch. The phone mount on the bike with maps giving directions is a great thing. When we run into traffic it offers the ability to call an audible and take side roads and avoid long sitting periods in the heat of the bright hot sun while recalculating a new route. As we arrive at our spot, theres a welcome sight as the S in the B and S ranch is out front guiding us into the garage to park the bikes inside for the night and providing sustenance, drink, laughter and AC!! Thanks to you both, the son and the mighty mighty Bruceski for a great stay and great times.

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